4 Unorthodox Office Perks and Their Residual Benefits

by Tom Hermes November 27, 2017

4 Unorthodox Office Perks and Their Residual Benefits

For so many people, work can be stressful, exhausting, and uninspiring. What companies need to do these days, perhaps more than anything, is engage their employees. That, however, can be more easily said than done, as a simple meeting or pep talk likely won’t do the trick (at least, not in the long-term).

What can help are team-building activities, the benefits of which are proven, vast, and varied. We’ve outlined the gains your team could see by implementing some nontraditional employee activities:

  1. Escape Room Adventure
    • Encourages people to think outside the box.
    • Get to know each other better.
    • Allows leaders to emerge.
    • Improves team efficiency.[1]
  2. Improv Training
    • Forces team members to think on their feet.
    • Improves communication, as participants need to be aware in the moment, listening carefully and contributing openly.
    • Lowers anxiety.
    • Boosts confidence, and thus, presentation skills.[2]
  3. Yoga
    • Relieves stress.
    • Increases energy, attentiveness, and lucidity.
    • Improves stamina.
    • Enhances overall physical and mental health.[3]
  4. Volunteering
    • Connects individuals to others.
    • Boosts social skills.
    • Helps offset stress, anger, and anxiety.
    • Adds intrinsic value to life.[4]

Who wouldn’t want these benefits for their co-workers? After all, it’s always better to lead, rather than to manage, and the best way to genuinely lead your employees is to invest in their well-being – professionally, yes, but more importantly, personally.



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Tom Hermes
Tom Hermes



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