Group Size: 8-20 people

Location: Your office or

Time: 2 Hours

About the Perk Partner: Tim Soszko
Tim is a Second City teacher who also teaches with Barrel Of Monkeys, IO Chicago, Emerald City Theatre Co., Elmhurst Children’s Theater, After School Matters, and Columbia College to name a few. Tim writes and performs with The Cupid Players, Bri-Ko, and The Tim and Micah Project.

Improv Class

  • One of our favorite events! In this workshop, your team will learn the basics towards unlocking Improv's many benefits: thinking on their feet, improving creativity & collaboration, and having fun. For best results (and better pricing), choose multiple classes. Topics covered after Intro include: 

    • Active Listening & Improving Communication
    • Taking Focus
    • Moving Ideas Forward & Getting Things Done

  • If booking multiple classes, we will contact you to schedule subsequent dates. Please select the date and time for your first class below.

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