Group Size: Minimum 8 people

Location: Your office

Time: 15-30 minutes
per person

About the Perk Partner: Patrick Andrews
Patrick Andrews is a certified & licensed Massage Therapist who works regularly with athletes & office workers. Patrick believes in the power of chair massage therapy to reduce stress, increase productivity, & create lasting benefits.

Chair Massages

  • Chair massages are a great way for your employees to step away, relax, and come back recharged. We'll bring a Certified Massage Therapist (equipped with a portable massage chair) into your office for some soothing chair massages. Select your preferred start time below & make this a repeating Ritual Event to give the team something to look forward to!

  • Each person will be required to sign a liability waiver. After booking we will send a sign up sheet to be used by all team members participating in this event.

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