How It Works

1. Browse perks & experiences

Buoy is a marketplace of office perks & experiences, and it is FREE (!) to use. You only pay for the perks you purchase. Browse around and select a perk that makes sense for your team.

2. Book & Pay

Click on the perk you'd like and select your preferred date & time. Once you're all set, add it to your cart, and check out.

3. Be happy

You will immediately receive an email detailing your order, and an event confirmation email will be sent shortly thereafter. If you have any questions, our customer service team is always available.


How does it work though?

Buoy is an online marketplace of office perks & experiences. Through our site, you are able to browse, book, and pay for perks & experiences, knowing they will be a success. Each perk in our marketplace is fulfilled by a local vendor, whom we affectionately call our “Perk Partners.” Buoy’s marketplace acts as a facilitator between you and the provider, with Buoy providing all customer service and support.

What does it cost?

Buoy’s marketplace is free to use. You only pay for the perks you select. There are no monthly, quarterly, or annual fees.

How does Buoy make money? How does payment work?

Buoy is essentially a sales channel for our Perk Partners. We take a small commission from them, and a small booking fee to process the transaction with our customers. Through our marketplace, you can check out with a credit card just like you would on any e-commerce site.

Who do I contact for customer service?

Buoy! We are available ‘round the clock for questions large and small. Reach out to us at 312-768-8606, say, or chat with us by pulling up the chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of the site.

Who are the Perk Partners?

Perk Partners are the vendors who fulfill your perks & experiences. We only partner with local folks, in a concerted effort to deliver high-quality perks & experiences every time.

What is a Ritual Perk?

You may have seen the option to purchase some perks & experiences as “Ritual Perks.” Ritual Perks are perks that happen on a repeating basis: daily, weekly, or monthly. We believe the benefits of Ritual Perks are powerful. When you select a perk to happen on a repeating basis, you save time by not having to manually order every day, week, or month; we will automatically fulfill your request. Also, we believe that culture is made up of rituals and symbols. Building in perks on a ritual basis allows us to positively affect your culture more frequently

Where do the perks & experiences take place?

On every perk page, you will see the options where the event can take place: your office, or off-site. When choosing to hold an perk or experience off-site, select that option and we will contact you to select a venue of your choosing (we have preferred partner venues, but can hold events almost anywhere).

What’s with the different cost structures (per person, per class, per session)?

We strive to get you the very best pricing for the very best perks & experiences, and our flexible pricing model reflects this. With the wide array of perks & experiences Buoy offers, one cost structure just wouldn’t make sense. For example, our yoga class is priced on a “per class” basis and can accommodate 5 to 50 people. If we priced this as “per person,” even at $5 per person we’d be charging far too much if you had 50 people, and far too little if you had 5 people.

Who can use Buoy?

Anyone! Our most frequent customers are office managers, heads of HR, team-leads, and business owners. Anyone who needs to easily book an office perk, both big and small, can use Buoy.

Will I be the office hero if I use Buoy?

In short…yes.