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Location: Your office or

Time: You decide!

Buoy Gift Card

  • Introducing Buoy Gift Cards! Companies can be big places, with lots of different tastes and wants. Instead of a blanket gift, buy some Buoy Gift Cards and have your Team Leads redeem them for fun employee activities they know their groups will love. After all, no one knows your teams better than their managers. Buying Buoy Gift Cards also allows you to control your budget, with out the back and forth of expense requests. Buoy Gift Cards can also double as fun, non-traditional gift to give to your top clients and prospects.

    How it works:
    1. You buy a gift card/s of an amount you'd like
    2. Give the cards to your managers or clients
    3. Those folks go to Buoy's site and easily redeem them through our marketplace for events like office massages, team lunches, snacks, fun team building activities, and more.

    Bonus: These employee activities also boost your company culture!

  • Cards are issued electronically, there is no hard copy. Questions? Give us a ring at 312-768-8606, shoot us a note at, or use the chat window in the lower right hand side of the site.

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