Group Size: Minimum 12 people

Location: Your office or

Time: 45-60 mins

About the Perk Partner: The Beer Temple
The Beer Temple started as a craft beer store founded by Chris and Margaret Quinn in 2013. They recently opened their taproom expansion in 2017, to offer a unique selection of draft beers from around the world and share their passion with their patrons. Providing beer education is a core mission of The Beer Temple. Chris is a Siebel Institute Master of Beer Styles and Evaluation, and also a Certified Cicerone. Margaret is a Certified Beer Server, and has completed classes at the Siebel Institute. They are backed by a staff who has also received training from Siebel Institute and the Cicerone Program.

Craft Beer Tasting

  • Elevate your office happy hour! This event includes a tasting of 3-4 craft beers, including a variety of beer styles and flavors to accommodate all participants. The beer tasting will be conducted by a Certified Cicerone (Beer Sommelier) and consist of a guided overview of the beers being poured, as well as a general overview of what craft beer is, how to taste & evaluate it, in addition to a Q & A session.

  • All participating team members must be 21 years or older. Please let us know of any food allergies or dietary restrictions along with your order. Included in the event price is all beer (~2-3 per person), materials needed to serve the beer (ice, tubs, tasting glasses or high quality plastic cups, napkins), one presenter and one additional server (if needed). Extra materials will be brought in case additional people attend, but may require an additional fee. Extended drinking beyond that of the tasting may require the purchase of additional beer. Servers will be beer professionals with full working knowledge of the beers being served. There is a minimum group size of 12 people for this event.

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