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Time: 1 Hour

About the Perk Partners
Gideon Akande - "Achieving Optimal Fitness for Busy Professionals"
National winner of the Men’s Health 2015 Next Top Trainer competition, Gideon Akande is a versatile and passionate ambassador for health and fitness. In this session, he'll give your team the tips and know-how to stay fit.
Andy Boyle - "Millennials: How to Be a Good Employee"
Andy Boyle is the Author of “Adulthood for Beginners: All the Life Secrets Nobody Bothered to Tell You.” In this session, he'll share can't-lose techniques for teaching your employees how to be better at their jobs.
Melissa Harris - "Presentation Skills"
Melissa Harris is the founder of M. Harris LLC, a marketing and communications agency, and previously was a business columnist at the Chicago Tribune, where her work was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. She has her MBA from the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business. In this session she'll teach your team how to knock out presentations.
Aaron Levy - "Making Change Stick"
Aaron Levy founded Raise the Bar LLC to transform the manager role by empowering each manager with the tools, skills, and training to be leaders of people. In this session, he helps your team understand the 5-steps to sustainably achieving a goal, how to recognize your internal driver for change, and three strategies to overcome your barriers to growth.

Speaker Series

  • Opportunities for learning & development are among the top attributes that today's workers seek from their companies. Host a speaker in your office, or off-site, to share some knowledge. They'll thank you later. Adding food & bev to this event is a great way to encourage the best attendance. Choose which speaker you'd like below.

  • If electing to hold this event at your office, please ensure there is enough room for everyone who is participating to be seated comfortably. Our speakers do not supply their own AV equipment, so if they need to be amplified, it will be your responsibility to supply.

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